In Ghana, Charlie does not mean friend oh!

Charlie? Chaplin?

First off, let me define some terms because I’m sure most of y’all have read the title of this post wrongly. So look at it again and come back…….

According to Wikipedia, Charlie \tsa-li\, is a common nickname for Charles and less commonly for Charlotte or Charlene. On the other hand, Chale \tsa-lay\is a Ghanaian word of Polysemous properties  so I can’t begin to define it – Chale.

I have some great Nigerian friends whom it took me about 4 months to teach how to pronounce Chale properly. They were in the habit of saying Charlie and it really used to upset me that my wonderful Ghanaian word of multiple meaning was not being pronounced well. I can pardon my naija massives especially when I currently hear how they even pronounce Sarkodie: \Sar-kor-di\ paa! Lool. But imagine my vexation when throughout last year and this year too! some big local brands were misspelling the word. Herr Chale! Word to the branding and marketing team of those companies: Chale, Charlie no be Chale oh! Aaah.

Now that I cleared that off my chest, lets get down to the main business of the day. Some people (boring people) have the misconception that Ghana (Accra) is boring. What?!!!…. but no time for me to get emotional; so I decided to create a hangout guide for enjoying Ghana/Accra from a #RealerNo point for view.  Shouts to my friend: Peagama for sharing his private top spots to hang out with me, that inspired this.

Disclaimer: Nobody is paying me to advertise their place. I take no credit for knowing these places and do not by any means propose they are the only vim places.

Music – Real Music

If you are not a clichéd person and really want to experience great music and performances, especially from Indie artistes, you are in luck these are my top places.

Alliance Francaise Ghana: Throughout the year, Alliance hosts great musical concerts featuring great artistes both main stream and underground. The quality of shows there is awesome! Anytime he’s in Ghana, Blitz is likely to play here. EL had a major concert, the BARS concert last year and it was packed. The beauty is that the damage is cool koraa. The highest I’ve ever paid for an excellent show was GhC20 p33! Chale! Checkout their website for events.

And oh yeah, aside from music, I gotta say that they are the current leaders in organizing contemporary urban cultural events in Ghana. No lie.

Goethe Institute Ghana: Another great place. There is a weekly jazz gig here. And regularly, really talented acts also play gigs here. While I am at here you want to check out their website also for events from weekly film shows amongst others.

Nubuke Foundation: For me, Nubuke is mainly two things: Contemporary African art and culture, and Poetry. Ehalakasa is poetry and spoken word in Ghana. The associated ambient music and occasional invited guests can bring any roof down – any day!

Ok, so this is for starters. The first quarter of 2015 is gone and my guess is for some of you, the stress has started building up.  Make sure to check out the links to places above, and schedule to go for some of the events. I’ve found some of these events to be the best de-stressers  (especially the music gigs). Who knows too, I might just meet you there!

PS: If you are a ‘scholarly’ person who wants more info on ‘Chale’, Check this blog post out. Very educative and interesting.


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